Security screws and nuts


Seclock security bolts and nuts

Seclock screw

Anti-theft screws with uniquely designed heads, which they can only be solved using special Seclock keys.

Seclock nut

Anti-theft nuts that they will protect your equipment from unauthorized opening. They are mainly characterized by a wide thread.

Shear screw

Shear screws. One of the heads breaks after a certain torque and the other is a mushroom head, which makes the unscrewing impossible. The thread size is determined individually.

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About us

A few news about the our company.
A satisfaction of the customers and high quality of the offered products are most importantly for us.

SECLOCK Polska distributes the following upon request, bolts, nuts and security fixing advise. We offer innovative products such as Seclock bolts and Seclock nuts. In 2001-2005, the unique heads of the bolts and nuts are special to Seclock only and were patented in both Europe and the United States. All our products are imported to individual orders of our customers. Delivery of orders depends on the amount of goods ordered, but it normally takes 1 to 3 weeks. The aim of Seclock Poland is to meet the needs of the Polish and European market in the security field , different subjects are exposed to theft, and the satisfaction of our future customers is paramount.

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